There are many lenders and banks that advertise for used car finance services. In all, they have separate policies and car loans packages that may or may not suit your needs. At LeaseWorks, we have the best used car finance packages available and at some of the cheapest rates. We can even provide finance to individuals and companies with bad credit.

At LeaseWorks, we look at the assorted loan packages that are obtainable by car lending institutions. We take particular notice at the interest rate, car loan terms, payment term, duration of time before the car finance gets approved, the loan company’s fees and charges and any break fees if you payout your loan at an earlier time, along with other items. Although the used car finance interest rates are a important factor, other costs are not ignored.

Used car finance is usually offered over a repayment period of between 3 to 7 years. Depending on the age of the car that you are buying for your car loan.

We will make sure that you are provided with all options that you might want included in your financial package.

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