Whatever business you’re in, there are times when you need help and guidance. At LeaseWorks choosing the correct finance for your fax machine and scanners are important to any business. Finance in todays market covers every aspect of a businesses bottom line and finance to save money and make the most of opportunities are critical.

LeaseWorks finances printers , scanners and fax machines in small dollar amounts, right up to the multi million dollar machines that are required for large corporate’s and Government departments. If it is a regular brand machine or non-brand machine, LeaseWorks can organise the finance. The right fax or scanner can go with any of your desired photocopiers , computers , or other office equipment.

LeaseWorks offers Low-Doc Finance for all small ticket applications.

Today’s printers are made to connect with computers via Bluetooth or USB connections. This is a very easy way to make printers, because virtually every computer made in the past decade has USB port. It’s an easy and standardized way to connect to connect to a computer.Print, copy, scan, fax. Whether they are individual units or Multifunction Unit which not only delivers high quality printing, but also gives you the added versatility of copying, scanning and faxing all in one machine.

LeaseWorks finances all the recommended brands as well as the not so well known ones. We finance Canon , Hewlett Packard (HP) , Toshiba , Samsung , Panasonic , Sony , Kyocera , Brother , Dell , Lexmark , Epson , Ricoh , Oce , IBM , Apple and Lanier to name just a few.

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