A truck finance solution means that you can avoid dealing with the banks, and steer clear of the truck dealer’s finance with all those built-in fees and charges. LeaseWorks is a specialist broker that understands industries like transport. LeaseWorks has a panel of lenders at our disposal we can help find you the best available deal in truck finance.

LeaseWorks created our Truck Loans to service the needs of the new and used truck buying public. We have links to some of Australia’s largest financiers, and a large range of dealerships and auction houses to choose from, our customers can be sure of getting a great deal when purchasing their next truck.LeaseWorks can help with all areas of motor finance including:

Competitive finance and insurance quotes
Loan pre-approval
Help for customers with impaired credit ratings (Bad Credit Finance)

LeaseWorks can also help with motor vehicle insurance, extended warranties and loan insurance. We are happy to help.

You can finance a wide variety of trucks and truck equipment including prime movers, trailers, buses, forklifts, sweepers, engines, trucks parts, trailer parts, buses , tractors, tankers , cranes and more.

Financing your truck and truck equipment is a great way to maximise resources now whilst giving you the flexibility to make the most of future opportunities.

These vehicles can be either registered or un-registered (e.g. for use exclusively in a quarry or on a resort).

We handle the whole process from application through to delivery.
In the majority of cases your loan is secured against the truck, without requiring real estate as security.
We liaise with the supplier of your choice, order the invoice and prepare all the paperwork ready for your signature.
We pay the supplier, you take delivery of the vehicle, it can be as easy as that.LeaseWorks can also arrange ‘pre-approved’ amounts for future acquisitions.
A range of finance options are possible, including Finance Lease Hire Purchase and Chattel Mortgage

We will organise finance all the major makes and models and some of the not so known brands such as Izuzu , Ford , Toyota , Dodge , Nissan . Honda , Cadillac , Suzuki , Chevy , GMC , Lincoln , Hummer , Mazda , Mitsubishi , Pontiac , Hino , Mitsubishi , Western Star , Century and Iveco to name just a few.Call Now on (1300) 390 979