There are so many changes in telecommunications today, telephone system rental offers a smarter solution. By utilising the most efficient telephone technology, you can enjoy more efficient communication with your customers for a more productive business.

Yet when you purchase a telephone system outright, you don’t have the same freedom to easily trade up. That’s why a LeaseWorks telephone system rental makes smart business sense.

When you deal with LeaseWorks, one of our rental specialists can come to your office to fully understand your needs, so you won’t be left waiting in queues. Then, we actively manage the whole process from application to approval, so your new telephone system rental won’t be left on hold.

You can choose the equipment supplier, we simply handle the rental solution to suit. LeaseWorks telephone system rentals also offers significant tax advantages with minimal administrative demands.

Renting your telephone system means that every rental payment is 100% tax deductible! Make regular payments of an agreed price for a period of their 24, 36, 48 or 60 months – whichever term suits your needs (the longer it is, the lower the monthly repayments)

The difference between a lease and a rental agreement is that at the end of a lease period, there is a fixed buyout figure (or residual) written into the contract.

The “residual” is a fixed percentage of the total value of the phone system. For example, you can choose to Lease a system over 48 months with a 10% residual figure.

Leasing a telephone system is another option available by LeaseWorks.Call Now on (1300) 390 979