If you need a Compulsory Third Party (CTP) Greenslip for your car, ute, motor home or truck, this cover also includes at-fault driver protection

What is a greenslip?
Your greenslip is an insurance policy which provides for compensation for people killed or injured in a motor vehicle accident.

A greenslip is a legal requirement for all motor vehicles registered in NSW, except trailers. Trailers are covered under the greenslip of the towing vehicle.Greenslip is a generic term for Compulsory Third Party (CTP) Insurance.

Greenslips are also referred to as CTP Greenslips, green slips, greenslip insurance, CTP and CTP Insurance. When you purchase a greenslip you are participating in two schemes. The Third-party Insurance scheme, regulated by the Motor Accidents Compensation Act 1999 and the Lifetime Care and Support scheme, regulated by the Motor Accidents (Lifetime Care and Support) Act 2006.

Comparing prices of CTP Green Slips – Finding the cheapest greenslip.
CTP Green Slip prices do vary. It is important to shop around to compare prices, particularly if you want the cheapest greenslip. Comparing CTP Green Slip prices and obtaining quotes can be difficult and time consuming. Not all insurers offer greenslips or greenslip quotes online and some insurers are not accessible after business hours.Contact us either online, by phone anytime and let us do the shopping for you.In addition to price, you should also consider the additional feature of driver at fault cover, which some insurers offer.Call Now on (1300) 390 979