LeaseWorks Tyre and Rim Insurance is a simple and cost effective solution to protect you in the event that your car’s wheel rims or tyres are damaged.

LeaseWorks are able to provide cover for tyres being punctured or damaged by a pothole, kerb, nail screw, metal, glass, debris from the road or even more serious, a blow out. Rims are also protected because they can become cracked, warped or damaged by a pothole, kerb or road debris.

There are many benefits with Tyre and Rim including three (3) years of protection, no excess on claims and towing to the nearest Beaurepaires store if your vehicle cannot be driven following tyre and rim damage, and there is no spare wheel in your vehicle. Additional policy entitlements are 5% discount on Goodyear and Dunlop tyre purchases made from any Beaurepairs store and free annual safety inspection from any of the 320 Beaurepaires stores nationwide.

LeaseWorks can offer you additional cover with Roadside Assist. This will further cover you for flat tyres, flat battery, running out of fuel, keys locked in the vehicle or lost and more.

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