Cashflow is the lifeblood of small to medium enterprises, and the right business loans keep the wheels turning. LeaseWorks Cashflow Finance / Debtor Finance provides a debt consolidation solution that helps to control the amount of money you have available for day to day expenses helping ensure a loyal supplier base.

Unlike the major banks, LeaseWorks is a small business. Our business finance specialists understand the needs of other small business operators. Yet the clout we gain from having considerable loans written annually gives us leverage to negotiate the best business loan for you.

LeaseWorks can show you how the right business loan can ensure you’ll be paid 80% of your clients’ invoice value within 48 hours. And while there’s a fee involved, it’s really no greater than offering your client a 2% to 3% discount for paying an invoice within 48 hours. This type of business finance gives you the cash, giving you an easy way to make up the difference and gain the benefit of discounts from suppliers for prompt payment.

Many of our long standing clients have used LeaseWorks business loans to help them grow. Working as our clients’ advocates, LeaseWorks has been able to negotiate business finance solutions when the major banks couldn’t help.

By truly getting to know your unique business conditions, we can negotiate the business loan with major finance providers on terms that suit you. The real skill is being able to source the right small business loans which can effectively meet the needs of our many very different client circumstances and needs. On occasion, we may use a blend of two business finance products and providers to facilitate an ideal solution for our clients.

If you are not satisfied with the business loan solution we’re able to offer, simply walk away with no cost.

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