LeaseWorks offers the best rates and access to the best lenders of Construction Loans in Australia. There is no need to venture anywhere else when you deal with the best finance providers of Construction Loans. The Construction Loan consultants at LeaseWorks have had decades of experience in a volatile market and can provide you with the easiest Construction Loan Finance available.

LeaseWorks offer Construction Loans with varying options depending on the circumstances. We offer fixed rate loans or a fixed rate on land and a variable rate on your Construction just to name a few.

The approval for a land and construction loan is a little different to the approval for an established home. In some cases, the land and construction will have to be done as seperate settlements. In order to accommodate this, the initial loan will run as two seperate but similtaneous applications. One will be for the property (land) land purchase and the second one will be for the completed house and land (property) cost.

The construction of the home or completion of the major renovation will generally be conducted in stages, with payments required at the end of each stage. Interest is only charged on the amounts drawn down.

In obtaining Construction Loan Finance, many funders will require a number of pre-sales before approval. At LeaseWorks, we can now assist in the sale of properties (off the plan), in order to meet the funders requirements. LeaseWorks has access to buyers from all over Australia and Internationally including China, Malaysia, Saudia Arabia and Japan. The opportunity to sell to a vast number of investors takes the guess work out and ensures that you are not held up by jittery buyers.Our strong strategic alliances with people and companies who want to invest in opportunities facilitated through strong balance sheets and asset portfolios.

Builders and Developers are always looking for the opportunity to finance or refinance their construction , building and commercial projects. New renovations are also something that LeaseWorks can finance for you. The opportunity to provide just land financing is also an option if required.

Some builders are not able to provide up to date financials , therefore , we have Low Doc Loans to assist these builders and developers. We also can assist some builders with bad credit finance and a poor credit history.

LeaseWorks has strong relationships in the building industry and we look forward to serving our existing customers and new customers alike.

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