Are you in the market to buy your first investment property or are you a developer / builder wanting to sell a vast amount of units ? If you are in either of these catagories, then LeaseWorks can solve these issues for you.

LeaseWorks can provide you with access to a large selection of properties , whether they be completed homes , house and land packages , apartments , townhouses , off the plan and off the plan investments. We can help you build a residential property portfolio to meet your specific needs.

At LeaseWorks , we understand the benefits to property ownership for the investor. There are benefits in purchasing an investment property for short , medium and long term. In the long term , capital growth is a major benefit. In the medium term, increased rental income due to inflation and the increase in market rent. In the short term, tax variations, tax minimisation, negative gearing and depreciation.

The benefits to the developer / builder is that by having access to a number a interested buyers , can enable the project to be funded prior to construction. The banks are currently interested in approving an application if there are a number of pre-sales in place. The staff at LeaseWorks can assist in the sale of off the plan properties to ensure that the developer / builder can commence the project.

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