LeaseWorks Women Only Car Buying Service
Shouldn’t buying a New Car be an exciting time? Yet we as women dread it. It’s because we know salesmen want our money, and we know they are going to show us something pretty and tell us the best feature is the mirror in the sun visor so we “can check our makeup“. Isn’t it about time women were treated with a little “More Respect” in the car market?

Tired of salesmen either trying to sell you want they want to get rid of, or worse…………. come back with your husband, boyfriend or Father?

And then, they shove you into meet the Finance Guy so they can get you sorted with the finance, after they have given you a ridiculous trade-in on your “beloved old faithful”

We have the answer for you…..

LeaseWorks Women Only Car Buying Service!

Call LeaseWorks and speak to a female specialist about what you want & need in a New Car. No more MEN , telling you what you should and shouldn’t buy nor have a MAN telling you that the greatest feature of a new car is it’s “pretty colour” and how “great it is to fit the shopping in“. While we understand colour is important, it’s not the only reason a woman chooses a New Car. In order to make car buying for women a relaxing, rewarding and enjoyable experience again. Our personalised service focuses on what you want in a new vehicle, and then sets out to get you the best price using our fleet buying discounts from dealerships around the country. No hassle and haggle, just a personalised service you feel comfortable with.

Our female consultants will ;
* Identify your requirements for a new vehicle
* Discuss what you like and what you want to avoid
* Identify potential makes and models that are suitable for you
* Organise test drives of selected vehicles for you
* Value your trade-in vehicle
* Arrange finance,

Insurance , GAP , Greenslip and in some cases extended warranty should you find a great deal on a used car
* Save you significant money on the purchase price of your selected vehicle
* Co-ordinate the trade-in of your existing vehicle
* Organise delivery to your front door with a full tank of fuel

Simply, send an enquiry through to LeaseWorks Female Car Buying Service and one of our dedicated female consultants will call to discuss how we can make buying your new car, a simple, relaxing and enjoyable experience!

Call us now on 1300 390 979