A Fully Maintained Lease can be used to finance vehicles and trucks that have business use. It enables the lease holder to make one simple payment which covers the full costs associated with owning and operating the vehicle. These repayments can cover all Vehicle Servicing, Fuel, Insurances, Tolls and Registration etc.

The Key Features of a Fully Maintained Lease are;

  • Finance 100% of the vehicles value, choosing from terms of 1-5 years.
  • Fixed Residual. A residual is set by the lease provider and is calculated using the ATO depreciation guidelines.
  • Package Options. Choose from a complete fully maintained or partly maintained option.
  • Flexible Repayment Options. Repayments can be adjusted immediately if usage or running costs increase or decrease.
  • Flexible Fuel Card. A fuel card that is valid anywhere a Visa Card is accepted.
  • Available on New and Second Hand Vehicles

The Lease provider owns the vehicle. The lease holder will provide their personal guarantee to maintain the lease or rental payments in good order and to either pay out or refinance the residual when it falls due.

If you need a fleet of vehicles but do not want the administrative burden of managing them our fully maintained operating lease is a complete outsourcing program, where we take on the funding and full management of your fleet. A fully maintained operating lease is available for all Fleet types, from passenger through to all heavy commercial vehicles.

A fully maintained operating lease is an off balance sheet motor vehicle leasing option with the future residual asset risk remaining with the finance provider. A fully maintained operating lease offers competitively priced passenger and light commercial vehicle leases eliminating any maintenance risk and is tailored to match the vehicle usage. Most fully maintained operating leases are used by employers who want to provide company cars at a lower cost than buying them outright and without the internal administration and maintenance costs of running a fleet.

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