In todays market, finding the best quality home loan is as important as finding the right property. That is why more Aussies are turning to mortgage brokers to source the best quality home loan in the market. LeaseWorks is one of the best resources you will find on the web in Australia for investigating the purchase of residential property and locating the home loan that is best for you.

At LeaseWorks we attend to your requirements throughout the life of your loan. You never have to go near a bank and you will never be answered by voicemail. We organise the loans and service customers all over Australia and you should discuss your requirements with us as to whether you are purchasing for owner occupation or investment. At the end of the day ……… We will come to you !

LeaseWorks provides the best of all types of home loans, and at lower rates than the big banks. Additionally, LeaseWorks will locate suitable properties for its customers, from a large selection of available homes to the best “off the plan” buildings. Many home buyers are having difficulty locating properties in this tight real estate market, particularly first home buyers. LeaseWorks can solve that problem. Talk to us.

We have helped thousands of borrowers over the years and we are committed to ensuring your finance and property experience is a memorable one, for all the right reasons. We offer a range of financial products and services to meet your personal and business needs, including residential home loans and commercial mortgages. We also offer car , equipment finance , cash flow finance , business loans , personal loans , truck finance and much more. If your home loan or leasing broker isn’t measuring up, let LeaseWorks help you to Unlock Your Dreams.

If you are refinancing , self employed , a first home buyer or wanting to invest in an investment property , then their is a LeaseWorks Home Loan package for you.

At LeaseWorks , we have a ‘can do’ attitude and provide you with value for money. At LeaseWorks , the great Australian dream of owning your own home should still be available to everyone. We obtain a great amount of joy in assisting people achieve their goal of their dream home.

LeaseWorks offers Full Doc Loans , Low Doc Loans , No Cash Deposit Loans , Investment Loans , Lines Of Credit , Fixed Rate Loans , Honeymoon Loans and Standard Variable Home Loans.

LeaseWorks can organise additional benefits to just obtaining a Residential Home Loan.

Offset accounts
Offset accounts can help you reduce the interest you pay on your loan and are tax effective. An offset account works like a regular savings account and is linked to your home loan. The balance in your offset account is subtracted when calculating your daily interest charges. So if your loan amount is $300,000 and you have a balance of $20,000 in your offset account, your interest will be calculated on $280,000 thereby saving you money. And unlike a regular savings account where the interest you receive is taxable, earned interest used to offset home loan interest charges is not.

Redraw facility
A redraw facility allows you to make additional repayments on your home loan and access the money when you need it the most. This feature will ultimately allow you to comfortably make extra repayments, thereby saving on interest, but without having to worry about accessing the funds when you need them. The money you redraw can be used for pretty much whatever you like without having to explain or apply for it. Many lenders have a minimum redraw amount and a fee every time you use your redraw facility.

Extra Repayments
Making extra repayments on your home loan could help reduce the amount of interest you will pay. As interest is calculated daily using your principal (the amount owing on your home loan), your reduced principal amount will mean that your interest charges are decreased.

Salary Credit (Direct)
Salary credit will reduce the amount of interest you pay by reducing the principle owing on your account earlier. This feature works by allowing you to pay your salary directly into your home loan account. With interest calculated daily, the amount which your interest is calculated on will have decreased from the time your salary is in the account, thereby reducing the interest paid.

Interest only payments
Interest only payments allow you to lower repayments when you are having problems with your finances or when you would rather invest the money elsewhere. This works by allowing you to pay just the interest owing, rather than paying both the interest and principal (the loan amount owing). You then revert to making regular interest and principal payments at the end of the interest only period. Be aware that this type of feature will cost you more interest in the long run as your principal is not decreasing. You should talk to your mortgage broker and find out if there is a more suitable option for your situation.

Switching (to Fixed Rate)
A switching feature is a good option if you are not sure what rates are going to do. This feature works by effectively allowing you to switch from a variable to a fixed rate.

Portable Loan
A portable home loan allows you to take an existing loan to another property without having to refinance, i.e. pay out the old loan and take out a new one. This can save application and legal fees when you move between properties.

Repayment Holiday
If you have built up extra funds in your home loan, many lenders now offer either full or partial repayment “holidays” for periods of time. These can be particularly useful if you need to take time off work, during a career change or starting a family, and want to suspend your loan repayments until your cash flow returns to normal.

Top Up
This feature allows you to increase the limit on your existing home loan.

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